User Guide



Thanks for checking out this script! I hope it helps you work faster and more efficiently.


  • REAPER 7
  • ReaPack
  • ReaImgui (install via ReaPack)
  • js_ReaScript API (install via ReaPack)
  • SWS/S&M Extension
  • Installation


    In order to install this script you will need to first install ReaPack. It's an amazing way for people to easily share REAPER scripts with other users and will allow for this script and all other scripts to be easily updated from within REAPER. For more info on how to use ReaPack go here.

    ReaPack Repository: https://nvk.tools/index.xml

    1. With ReaPack installed, select Extensions-ReaPack-Import repositories and paste the ReaPack Repository url above.
    2. Locate the scripts to install by selecting Extensions-ReaPack-Browse packages and searching 'nvk'. Then you can select the scripts and install them with Actions-Install and then Apply
    3. Check that you also have the packages ReaImgui and js_ReaScript API installed in ReaPack.
    4. After you finish downloading the scripts, you can find them in your actions list by searching 'nvk'

    Note: If you would like to automatically stay up to date with this and other ReaPack Repositories, you can select Extensions-ReaPack-Manage repositories and then Options-Install new packages when synchronizing. Then, when you select Extensions-ReaPack->Synchronize packages it will automatically install all new scripts.


    Install ReaImgui from the ReaTeam Extensions Repository. This repository is included with ReaPack by default so you should have it already. The instructions are the same as installing the main script, just make sure you have the repository enabled, search for 'ReaImgui' in ReaPack and install it.

    js_ReaScript API

    Install js_ReaScript API from the ReaTeam Extensions Repository. This repository is included with ReaPack by default so you should have it already. The instructions are the same as installing the main script, just make sure you have the repository enabled, search for 'js_ReaScript API' in ReaPack and install it.

    SWS/S&M Extension

    Download SWS/S&M Extension and follow the instructions to install

    Activating the License Key

    Once you have the script installed, load your actions list and search "nvk" to locate the script. Double-click it or assign it to a hotkey and run the script. You will be prompted to input your license key, which you should have recieved immediately after purchasing the script.

    This script is only guaranteed to work on the latest version of REAPER 7 and SWS/S&M 64-bit. 32-bit is not supported. Make sure you are up to date before contacting support.




    nvk_SEARCH is a script that allows you to quickly find anything you are looking for in Reaper: FX, chains, actions, projects, takes, tracks, track templates, regions, markers, and folder items. It's a great way to quickly find what you're looking for without having to go to the Actions List, FX Browser, Project Bay, etc. It also adds a few extra features that are not available in the default search windows.


    Type in the search box and the results will update in real time. You can clear the current search by pressing [Esc].

    To perform "OR" searches, separate search terms with a comma. For example, "horse,pig,cow" will return results containing any of those terms.

    To exclude words from a search, prefix them with a hyphen. For example, "horse -pig" will return results for "horse" but not "pig".

    [Enter] or double-click will activate the currently selected result. [Shift]+[Enter] will activate the current result without closing the search window.

    Drag fx from the search results to add them directly to a track, take, or fx chain.


    • a - action
    • u - au
    • c - chain
    • l - clap
    • d - folder item
    • f - fx
    • i - inst
    • j - jsfx
    • 2 - lv2
    • m - marker
    • o - other
    • p - project
    • r - region
    • k - take
    • t - track
    • e - track template
    • v - vst
    • 3 - vst3

    Enable filters by typing a filter key followed by a space, then enter your search terms.

    For example, "f delay" will search for all FX with "delay" in the name.

    You can clear the current filter by typing space twice with no search terms.

    You can also click on the filter button to the left of the search box to select a filter from a menu.


    You can open the folders menu by clicking on the folder icon in the top right or using the keyboard shortcut found in the options menu.

    The folders menu allows you to quickly navigate to any of the existing fx folders in Reaper by hovering with your mouse. You can also create new folders specific to nvk_SEARCH by clicking the '+' button.

    Folders in nvk_SEARCH are different in that they can store any type of item, not just fx. You can add actions, chains, templates, etc. to a folder. And you can also alt-click on a folder to randomly select an item from that folder. This can be nice if you find yourself always using the same fx plugins.

    Known Issues

  • Drag/drop of fx on take fx chain windows fails to add fx (if you know a fix for this let me know)
  • Character display is limited to Latin characters.
  • Sometimes the startup time will slow down after Reaper has been open for while. It seems to be related to either kbd_enumerateActions or ReverseNamedCommandLookup (they just start taking longer to run). Restarting Reaper fixes the issue.