Reaper scripts designed for game audio.

Created for game audio

The scripts on are entirely focused around the specific needs of game audio. They have been tested by game audio professionals around the world and have been used to ship dozens of titles. They are designed to be intuitive, efficient, and flexible enough to fit your workflow.

By a sound designer


Every script on was created by Nick von Kaenel, a sound designer and audio director with over a decade of experience in game audio. This experience has given him a deep understanding of the needs of sound designers and other audio professionals in the game industry.


What began as a personal endeavor eventually grew into a free offering to the game audio community. The growing demand for specialized features and support led to the inception of Since then, has grown steadily, with new scripts and features being added regularly.


The goal of is to help others in the game audio community by providing tools that make their lives easier. Through the use of these tools, sound designers can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on the creative aspects of their work. The positive feedback from the community has been overwhelming and is what drives forward.

Used by game audio professionals.

“The older I get the more I realize that time is the most valuable resource. scripts are the cornerstone of my sound design workflow and have saved me countless hours since I started using them. These intuitive and versatile tools help me stay in a flow state longer, maximizing creativity and efficiency.”

Paul Stoughton
Paul Stoughton

Senior Sound Designer at Sweet Justice

Founder of Penguin Grenade

“nvk_WORKFLOW, as the name implies, is central to my Reaper workflow. It has made editing, rendering and making variations so much faster for me.

nvk_CREATE is an amazing tool for quickly trying ideas and finding inspiration. are like a Mario super mushroom for Reaper. Fast, powerful and inspiring. I use them every day and will never go back.”

Mark Kilborn
Mark Kilborn

Audio Director at Certain Affinity

“It's rare to get workflows that are tailor made for sound designer's needs, but really deliver on making iterating on assets fast and easy. At this point they are essentials in my tool belt, I tell everyone on my team to get them!”

Carlye Nyte
Carlye Nyte

Senior Sound Designer at Bungie

“ are a game changer when it comes to my sound design workflow. They transform Reaper into a tool purpose-built for the needs of game sound designers, speeding up iteration time and helping me translate the sound in my head into the DAW with as little friction as possible. I'd recommend that anyone in this line of work check them out!”

Max Harchik
Max Harchik

Senior Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertainment